My name is Wesley Hawkins. I studied ICAM (Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts) at UCSD and I am now working there as an experimental game developer. In my free time (which I sometimes like to think I have a criminal amount of), I develop my own video games and fabricate stuff in my garage.

I enjoy working on multidisciplinary projects that require a working knowledge of many different areas of expertise. Even when working with others, I like to have a general grasp of the jobs my partners have so that I can preemptively tailor my work to keep the overall workflow smooth and enjoyable for everyone. In this way I’ve been described as a ‘generalist,’ though my primary expertise is in coding. I am proficient in both C# and Javascript, particularly within the Unity development platform, and I am honing some rudimentary skills in html, css, and php.

Check out the Projects tab of the title bar menu to see some of my work, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions, proposals, or just want to chat!

Ways to get a hold of me: